Labor law and tax

We partner with our clients doing business in Romania to find solutions and manage risk in relation to their employment, incentives and all related legal challenges and objectives in matters such as :

  • benefits and incentives for employees, in money or in kind (company car allowance or use, voluntary health insurance premiums, medical services subscriptions, optional pensions, etc.)
  • taxation of revenues from independent activities, revenues of non residents or from other sources,
  • non residents fiscal regime (labor agreements, consultancy concerning the formalities related to the tax residence and certificate, etc.),
  • delegation and posting of employees, including EU or non EU posting, european forms (A1, etc.),
  • delegation or posting indemnities (per diem) for romanian employees traveling inside or outside Romania – conditions, calculation,
  • taxation and specific legal provisions applicable to IT employees – deductions, icome tax, compulsory social contributions,
  • overtime/night work/public holiday work regime,
  • home office work regime,
  • medical leaves and indemnities for work incapacity – conditions, entitled persons, relation with other revenues,
  • human ressources processes : drafting of collective labor agreements, internal regulations, individual labor agreements, non-competition clauses and indemnities, etc.,
  • mandate/management agreements for directors or administrators,
  • collective or individual dismissal projects and/or decisions, disciplinary dismissals, job terminations, labor agreements termination settlements,
  • litigation and legal representation before all judicial courts in Romania