Distribution, competition and consumer law

The correct understanding of competition rules and of the applicable principles to distribution relationships is a necessity of any business strategy in the context of globalization. These rules and principles show a high degree of complexity and influence business conduct: relationships with competitors, distributors, conclusion of contracts with suppliers or customers, etc.

Regardless of the size of the organization, advice on competition, distribution and consumer issues is essential, as the risks and consequences of non-compliance with applicable law can be severe.

Our lawyers provide legal consultancy, assistance and representation in matters related to:

  • Compliance with antitrust and competition laws and regulations and avoidance of anticompetitive practices
  • Drafting and supervising the implementation of the selective/exclusive distributor, reselling or franchise
  • Conclusion of distance/e-commerce contracts
  • Consumer protection, including advertising and promotion of services and goods, labelling legislation and requirements,
  • FMCG specific requirements
  • Competition, distribution and consumer law litigation
  • Competition Council inquiries